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The mission of Airmid Place is to preserve the biodiversity of Ohio through education, rehabilitation, and stewardship of native Ohio wildlife. This includes avian and mammalian species. Airmid Place is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of Ohios native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and wildlife health studies.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Airmid Place's primary function is to offer rehabilitation services for orphaned and injured wildlife. 

Community Awareness

We strive to help residents and visitors to Coshocton County learn about our wide diversity of animal species and how to effectively cohabitate with one another.

Stop Wildlife Crime

in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, we report suspicious or criminal activity concerning illegal hunting, trapping or abuse of wildlife. 

Early Education

Respect for nature starts at an early age an we are eager to put on educational programs for school aged children to learn more about Ohio wildlife

Rehabilitation Partnerships

We partner with many neighboring rehabilitation centers in our state, especially when their expertise with a particular species would better benefit the animal involved, 

Nuisance animals

We help Coshocton Residence comply with State and Federal laws concerning the removal of animals safely from their property.


How you can help

Please consider donating to our facility

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